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Multi-Channel Messaging Cloud Services
Main Features & Functions of Web Messaging Platform:
  1. High Speed & Massive Global Coverage
    Multi-channel messaging throughput:
    • SMS: 250 SMS/sec (~1M SMS/hr).
    • MMS: 50 MMS/sec (~200K MMS/hr).
    • IM (AbleChat): 500 IM/sec (~2M IM/hr).
    • Globally reach 800 operators over 200 countries

  2. Bank-Class Security Level
  3. Web platform and mobile app storage encrypted by TLS/SSL.
    All messaging transmission encrypted by AES 256 and sent over HTTPS (TLS/SSL).

  4. Single Account to deliver Multi-Channel Messages
  5. SINGLE contact list to deliver multi-channel messaging at one go.

  6. Quick Upload Large Excel Contact List
  7. Millions mobile numbers in excel or txt file upload quickly to web platform or FTP for bulk messaging just a minute.

  8. 3-Level Account Management
  9. Master account administrator can view level 1 & 2 subaccount users delivery and usage report.

  10. Personalized & Flexible Delivery Schedule
  11. Personalized SMS can be merged with different variables, you can schedule to send the messages in different frequency such as one time, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

  12. Detail Live Delivery Report
  13. Detail live delivery report such as success, fail, invalid format or mobile number terminated can be exported to Excel format.

More Features
  1. Multi-Platform Responsive UI +

  2. User Friendly Messaging UI +

  3. Support Multi Languages +

  4. Enable Long Concatenated +

  5. Customizable SMS/MMS Sender ID +

  6. Customizable SMS/MMS/IM Validity Period +

  7. Auto Filtering +

  8. SMS/MMS inserted with URL/Facebook App +

  9. Ready on hand SMS Template +

  10. Auto Replied SMS +

  11. Email/Outlook to SMS +

Enhanced Feature
2-Way SMS
2-way SMS with a fixed virtual mobile number in web platform or mobile application through tailor made interactive SMS program applied in lucky draw, election or survey etc.
The replied SMS content can be forwarded to a mobile number or email address, searched and displayed in web platform or mobile application for easy consolidation that inbound SMS is free of charge.