LiveChat & Whatsapp Business API

LiveChat – Seamless Integration with WhatsApp Business API 

By connecting to a verified WhatsApp business account through LiveChat, you can send messages to customers, providing them with useful information, better experience and services. Using Whatsapp or our LiveChat tool can let your customers to get immediate support before and after purchasing and using your service, and have a pleasant experience. Nowadays, customer service has gone far beyond the traditional, through the help of LiveChat service, customers can use WhatsApp or different channels (Instant Messaging) to contact you at any time, to improve sales and customer satisfaction.

WhatsApp Official Account

  • Instant Notification
    Use WhatsApp to deliver messages, such as orders, notifications, new messages and member promotions

  • Customer Service
    Sales and customer service teams, can use WhatsApp to answer product or service questions raised by customers

  • User Verification
    Quick identity verification and securely customer accounts protection 

  • Create a business profile
    Provide useful information to your customers, such as address, description, email and website

Whatsapp is welcomed by users worldwide and has 2 billion active users globally. For medium and large enterprises, WhatsApp Business API provides the ability to communicate with customers around the world, so you can communicate with them in an easy, safe and reliable way.

We have provided WhatsApp API and LiveChat Service for many companies in Hong Kong and Asia

Business Application Case

Easesales x Whatsapp build the Next-Generation of Retail

One-stop coupon code
Easily customize discount code or QR Code format , automatically promote codes to customers through Whatsapp, allowing Customers use the discount in online or physical stores.

Customer Referral Link
Easily customize the promotion form and link, spread it to customers through Whatsapp, recommend each other between customers, deliver discounts, selected products, and pre-ordered products to customers easily.

One-click payment
Whatsapp becomes an online store. Customers place an order directly in the dialog box and get the payment link directly in Whatsapp. Shopping cart step can be eliminated, just one click pays.

Real-time query

Customers can get order information in Whatsapp and check the order status in real time. Save the steps of going to the online store and know the latest status of the order instantly.

Using the "Digital Marketing" promotion function of Easesales, brands can directly interact with customers, optimizes the efficiency of sales, customer service inquiries and replies through Whatsapp. At the same time, it cooperates with Easesales AI chatbot to automatically respond to customer queries. Let customers have a faster and more convenient experience!

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