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Congratulations! The AI OMO Sales Ecosystem developed by ACG won the “2020 HKRTIA Retail Innovation Award 2020”

ACG and its subsidiary EaseSales are committed to providing a Unified Digital Transformation Platform of AI Online-Merge-Offline (OMO) Sales Ecosystem for Automated Business Processes and Enhanced Interactive Customer Experience. We utilize the Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies to obtain unprecedented insight into viewing the customer’s habits and preferences for creating Personalize Automated Customer Journey to drive smart retail transformation.

ACG is proud to be recognized with the following awards:
- Best Retail Innovation - Silver Award
- Artificial Intelligence Online-Merge-Offline (OMO) Sales Ecosystem

Features of the ACG AI OMO Sales Ecosystem:
• Simplify deployment cycle by using modular base expansion
• Scalable for various industries and B2B2C services (MNC / SME) in Hybrid Cloud
• API gateway for Sync Customer’s application (Salesforce) and database (Historical Data from Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics)
• ISO 27001 Information Security Management
• Provide Personalized Automated Interactive Customer Journey (Marketing / Re-Marketing)
• Unified Communication Mobile App for Sales (IM) and Customers (Social Media)
• O2O eCommerce Platform (Personalize Digital Marketing, Online Shop, ePayment, and AI Logistics)
• Build up Customer Profile by AI Chatbot + Analytic Tagging + AI Scoring
• Digitization of Showroom Experience via 3D VR and IoT Devices