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Congratulations! The AI OMO Sales Ecosystem developed by EaseSales won the “2020 HKRMA Smart Retail Best Practice Award”

EaseSales is committed to creating an OMO sales ecosystem. With multiple online and offline sales channels, such as online store, apps, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, WeChat, SMS, and POS, combined with CRM, big data, AI, third-party payment, and AI logistics, to create a full range of AI OMO Sales Ecosystem for our customers. With our seamless integration of online to offline sales, promotion and management platform, we greatly improved our customers' business efficiency and sales. 

Winning the 2020 HKRMA Smart Retail Best Practice Award affirms the contribution of EaseSales. In the future, EaseSales will continue to strengthen the development of OMO and deepen the integration of sales promotion. For example, EaseSales has conducted in-depth integration for Whatsapp business. By using the promotion function of Easesales, your brand is able to interact with customers through Whatsapp. It also allows customers to learn more about promotions and check their order status directly, which provides customers a faster and more convenient experience. We will continue to strive for perfection and to provide our customers with forward-looking and innovative services in the future.

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