Customer Lifecycle and Relationship Management

Customer Lifecycle and Relationship Management

Create delightful and personalized customer experience with programmable communication building blocks with fully automation.

  Customer Management

As a one-stop customer lifecycle system service provider, from product and service positioning, marketing, sales to customer service and after-sales support, we can take care of the real needs of customers at each stage. The system provides customers with a database record that allows you to make in-depth market research and develop appropriate strategies, so enterprises are able to increase sales and establish a good relationship with their customers.

• Identify customer relationships
• Leverage the use of customer information
• Understand interactions with current customer database
• Identify best customers
• Capture customer data based on interactions
• Store and integrate customer data using IT

 Membership management

Smart membership management allows you to divide different levels of membership, analyze the customer's life cycle, and master the most valuable customers. Through the system for automated membership upgrades and notice of renewals, membership management becomes easier.

• Configure membership program and rewards in CRM
• Post membership details and registrations
• Users purchase records
• Update profiles and view membership history
• Members’ additional benefits based on membership level
• Members can be notified and purchase renewals automatically