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Our One-stop Smart Enterprise Communications and Workflow Management Solution combines machine learning algorithms with natural language processing in which the intelligent system uses leading-edge methodologies to handle sales and CS tasks including information collection, sorting, classification and matching, and automatically stores in a centralized database. The intelligent chat robot can identify target customers preferences, habits and hot topics, integrate the internal system and external third-party data through the API to make further in-depth analysis and optimize the customer experience in the workflow.

AI Chatbot  is a revolutionary technology which supports major social media platform with internal API tools and can instantly responds intelligently and processes customer inquiries.

Smart Features:


Triggering Workflow Management / Booking / IoT Devices
Big Data Analysis (Predictive / Sentiment)
Interactive 7x24 Customer Enquiry
Natural Language Understanding Engine (NLP)
API Integration with Social Media Messaging
NLP In-depth Analysis Algorithm
Intent Classification with Machine Learning
Intelligent Scenario Setup and Recognition

LiveChat integrates AI Chatbot deliver experiences that beat pure-play traditional methodology. Through this intelligent online chat system, it can help optimize the efficiency of sales and customer service query. It brings tremendous efficiency to the response process that customers can get products and latest information, thereby enhancing the customer experience.

Corporate Chatbot - Functions

Full Feature List


AI Chat - Natural language processing & Machine learning

I. Natural language processing

Digest user intents through Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm

Use well-suited technologies to trigger different story to collect parameters

Identifying user’s intents in English

Identifying user’s intents in Traditional Chinese

Identifying user’s intents in Simplified Chinese

Understand comprehensive language input (eg Chinese-English mix)

Synthetic sentence training model

II. Machine learning

Learn user input by machine learning algorithm

According to different story, response to XMPP server

Provide batch import of training sentences

Train the model with synthesized sentences

Pre-trained knowledge base

Allow customer to clarify the correct questions

Retrain Story

III. Essential applications

Customer service enquiries

New sales lead

Marketing and offer promotions

Order arrangement and enquiries

Location-base search and recommendation

Task-based chat (e.g. social media promotion、retention)

Chatbot management system:

I. User management

Define user role and rights

Add / Modify users: login credentials and user rights (Admin, Data Entry)

Show limited section according to the defined user rights

II. Chatbot story management

Multiple story management

Create default story

Edit story

Allow user to export and import to files (e.g. excel/ .csv)

III. Reporting - Insights & Analytics

Mostly asked enquiries

Mostly asked enquiries which fall into default story

Number of enquiries which fall into default story

Number of conversations which end with default story

Daily active user and monthly active user

Average duration of chatbot conversation and measure ROI

IV. Cloud storage

Centralized management and data record while maintain update in time

V. Activity and error logging with time and parameters

Provide API call from XMPP server to query the chat bot

When the chatbot call a vendor API and which one is called

When a story is triggered and which one is triggered

Real person case record

Chat design

I. Response type

Rich Text




List (e.g recommendation list in sequence)


Email address

II. Personalized answer

Canned reply

Smart reply

Auto-reply by keywords

Customized title

Black list setting

III. Multi-channel supported

Facebook Messenger



Web Chat

Chatbot Engineering - Extension and integration

I. Advanced features

Realtime location-base sharing

Capable to integrate with third party API to increase the flexibilities

Allow user to set follow-up stories

Allow to set multiple questions within one story

Seamlessly connecting you and your customers with A.I. technology

Integrating artificial intelligence technology and scientific calculation, our AI Communication Workflow solution enables enterprises to have a more efficient and effective working pace with the support of robotic learning ability. Our Chatbots and other communications solutions are able to collect demographics and more data from your targets, including their preferences, hot topics and habits, so you know what your customers want and able to analyse customer satisfaction.

Demo Case - Fusing LiveChat and Chatbot:
● Natural language processing (Traditional/Simplified/English), instant automatic response
● Integrate with Machine Learning (e.g. providing advice and clarifying user requirements)
● Simultaneously process more customers to save time  
● Create personalized services to meet industry needs
● Flexible, combines with text words, buttons, lists and images
● Support different interactive conversations, instant live customer service referrals

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