1. Phone number verification/ Email verification: Easily verify the phone numbers and/or email of your member is real and valid to prevent spam, fraud and other dubious activities;
2. Implement high security level 2-factor authentication (2FA) and One-Time-Password (OTP) to your existing or new application:
Send OTP on new account registration or to confirm a transection/ Perform 2FA on user login;

* Let verification API handle critical procedure for your application

Simple Implement Steps:
1. Log-in to web account on Web App or Desktop or Mobile
2. The SDK file and code will be automatically generated by system
3. Copy and paste the code to the application
4. The SDK will handle the whole verification process and return the verification result to the application
Note: The verification flow can be customized 

Customized Verification Flow (Sample):
1. User input phone number in verification page
2. Send a random generated verify code to user’s phone
3. Prompt user to input the code
4. Check the inputted code

Ready For Plug In To Any Application:
A ready-made high security level Verification API, easy to plug in to your existing or new application. All code is provided for difference platform, whole verification procedure is handled by the SDK. You don’t need to spend any more time to building and retry the logic.

High Conversion Rate:
The Verification engine connected with the Mobile network and fixed-line telephone operators in over 200 countries, which enable us to deliver the verification with the fastest channel.

Accessibility And Localization:
Deliver verification code by Voice Call or TEXT SMS;
Our engine can speak and send verification text message in over 10 languages, including English, Chinese (Cantonese / Putonghua), Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, German, Korean, Japanese and Portuguese...

Security And Privacy Protection:
Connection is protected by TLS encryption;
No personal information will be involved or stored in our system;
All verification code is non-reusable and unpredictable, system generate new verification code each time; 
Strong random verification code, the password combination and length are configurable (numeric only or alphanumeric);

Not Only Mobile Phone. Verify Mobile Phone And Fixed-line Telephone:

Verify any Phone numbers which able to accept voice call or text message.

Automatic Detection And Failback:
Detect phone number type (Mobile or Fixed line) before send verification; 
Send verification by Voice Call or SMS as your preference; failback to another method on first attempt failure.

Corporate Identity:
Your Brand name can display on the verify message and playback before the verify code on a voice call.

Pay Per Successful Verification:
You pay for each successful verification request only; we will bear the cost of failed attempts for you.

Get free testing quotas to try the Verification API function before purchase.