AI Communications Workflow - Chatbot, LiveChat

AI Communications - Chatbot, LiveChat


AI Chatbot combines machine learning algorithms with natural language processing in which AI algorithm will be trained to respond to customer services inquiry nearly real time by using our unique API gateway connected with Social Media Messaging.

LiveChat with AI learning abilities is a revolutionary technology which the communication industry is exploring. Through LiveChat, customer will instantaneously be given new and fun ideas of things as well as to improve network efficiency and user experience. 

Seamlessly connecting you and your customers with A.I. technology

Integrating artificial intelligence technology and scientific calculation, our AI Communication Workflow solution enables enterprises to have a more efficient and effective working pace with the support of robotic learning ability. Our Chatbots and other communications solutions are able to collect demographics and more data from your targets, including their preferences, hot topics and habits, so you know what your customers want and able to analyse customer satisfaction.

Smart Communication Benefits - LiveChat, Chatbot
● Automatic and instant responses (LiveChat) allows your business runs anytime
● Enabling you to manage and support more clients by handling multiple clients at the same time
● Real-time and effective responses, helping you in interactive conversation
● Customized service to cope with different business needs
● Data collection can be simplified by Chatbots and AI solution
Chatbot engages your customers with different communicating elements, such as text, buttons, lists and visuals

Add value to your business with our AI solutions

Our solution will suit perfectly with your business
● Our in-house solution is reliable as we are well experience in providing communication solution
● We understand marketing automation and what your customers need
● Smart product empowered with multiple tools: text, buttons, lists and visuals
● Manageable by supporting teams with complete tools and insights

● Professional after-sales services